About sidsecure

SIDSECURE (SIDSECURE PTY LTD) is a collective of Australian cyber security professionals specialising in cyber security audits & consultation. All our consultants are actively engaged in industrial penetration tests from governments, large enterprise environments to medium and small businesses.

Expert Professionals with Industrial Cyber Security Experience


SIDSECURE consists of experienced Australian Cyber Security Professionals, with each consultant having over a decade of practical industrial experience helping Australian businesses and services achieve their cyber security goals.

What drives our team is our love for security and helping our clients. For us, this is our field of expertise. What our clients receive from us is this breath of expertise and commitment we bring to helping our clients secure their valued digital assets and resources.

SIDSECURE’s sole purpose is to provide practical and effective cyber security assessments & guidance to help businesses achieve cyber resilience.

Why Choose Us?

SIDSECURE is found and operated by of dedicated team of professional security consultants who take pride in our work and delivering the best outcome for our clients. 

Rather than going for large service providers, paying heavy and still not getting proper outcome at times, our clients get to work directly with consultants who day to day protect and assess security and are available to answer your questions with proper knowledge and experiences.